Two people (Fumie Tsuji / JP and Nick "Fleck" Gloeckner / UK) plus a kind of magic which is impossible to put in words, for it unfolds so slowly and decisively - by means of Fumie's fragile way of singing, carried by Fleck's dedicatedly arranged digi-folk and brilliant guitars which shouldn't be forgotten. A glimpse of rock, right there in front of your eyes - a small wind will suffice to make it invisible. In 2004 Fleckfumie were on tour in Japan with Mice Parade and HiM. In 2005 besides concerts in Bari (Italia), Tartu (Estonia) and London they made the first solo tour in Asia (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Gonzo and Shenzhen in China) as well as Japan tour with Múm. After almost 5 years of interval, they completed the 3rd album, Young Life (afterhours). The unit is currently based in Berlin.
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drawing by shinji abe ©2010